Glaspak signature ‘One Stop’ to Doorstep Process:

Product Design & Development
We have an availability of wide range of glass products, design concepts and product specifications to enhance packaging designs. We design and develop new glass products and moulds. We are customization ready for your requirements.

Glaspak Quality Assurance
We work with partnering plants that are compliant with international standards. This ensures that the glass packaging product meets your requirement and the requirements of the relevant governing bodies. We implement stringent Process Control and Quality Assurance systems. This helps us to ensure quality products are supplied and conform to the product specification.

We Deliver
Organizing prompt deliveries to your requirement provides relief from time spent on tracking suppliers and deliveries.

We’re Asia-Pacific Wide
We operate in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Australia. We primarily work with small‐medium enterprises in mid‐size markets.

Glaspak is focused on providing glass packaging for the food & beverage sector. As a result of constant research and experimentation, Glaspak is able to offer innovative solutions while respecting quality.